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FIWIZentrum für Fisch- und Wildtiermedizin (Schwiez)
FIWIFinder Windows
FIWICentre for Fish and Wildlife Health (Bern, Switzerland)
FIWIFlorida Institute for Workforce Innovation
FIWIfibre and wireless
FIWIFilm Industry Workshops, Inc.
FIWIForte India Welfare Institution
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0, I think you would have seen the printer and camera guys switch to FireWire," says Michael Johas Teener, who was the chief architect of Apple Computer's FireWire development effort in the 1980s.
Other FireWire benefits include its flexible connectivity and the ability to link as many as 63 devices.
The DataShuttle Xtreme ships standard with the FireWire attachment cable.
s portable FireWire (only) HDDs started at $299 for 6GB and $379 for 10GB, with prices rising in $100 increments to 20GB and 30GB.
0, FireWire cannot provide "Ease of installation," "hot plug and play," "cross platform compatibility," or "portability.