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FJOFirm Job Offer
FJOFoyer des Jeunes Ouvriers (French: Home Young Workers)
FJOFribourg Jazz Orchestra (Fribourg, Switzerland)
FJOFunctional Jaw Orthopedics
FJOFloreffe Jazz Orchestra (Belgian jazz orchestra)
FJOFestival de la Jeunesse Orthodoxe (French: Festival of Orthodox Youth)
FJOFonds pour la Jeunesse Orléannaise (French: Fund for Youth Orleans; Orleans, France)
FJOFeeling Jazz Orchestra (Japan)
FJOFollowers of the Jedi Order (Star Wars gaming clan)
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Remember, any negotiations you have in mind should be opened only after you are certain that the employer is indeed making you a firm job offer and, therefore, is definitely interested in your joining the company.
Johnson will task the Migration Advisory Committee to come up with the the details of the new system, but the quango will have to ensure immigrants can speak English, have a firm job offer and are unable to claim benefits immediately.
However, in order to secure permanent residency in New Zealand, tradespeople will require a firm job offer first.
Everyone else will be barred from applying for a visa unless they have obtained a firm job offer.
Although no firm job offer has been made, Cooper is unlikely to be out of football for long, despite his desire for a break from the game.
However, Migration Associates warned in order to secure permanent residency in New Zealand, tradespeople will require a firm job offer first.
"The Action Team can help pay for driving lessons when someone has a firm job offer or is about to launch a business."
A graduate loan is available to graduates who have a firm job offer or who have been in a job for no more than five months.
Okocha flew out to Egypt for his international farewell with Nigeria last night hoping Newcastle's envy of Trotters manager Sam Allardyce won't turn into a firm job offer in his absence.
And no real employer sends out emails with apparently firm job offers like the one you received to people on a mailing list.
Herbert Grubel argues that currrent policy does not accomplish this goal effectively, and proposes that economic immigrants should be admitted only if they have firm job offers in Canada.