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FIRREFamily of Integrated Rapid Response Equipment (US DoD)
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"By limiting the amount of fraudulent benefits paid out, we're able to reduce how much businesses have to pay in taxes." Proctor says FIRRE could be modified to detect fraudulent applications in other benefits programs such as SNAP and TANF.
Tell dispatch what happened and get us some firre units and the medics, quick!" Ericson screamed.
But how the fyr was maked upon highte, Ne eek the names that the trees highte, As ook, firre, birch, aspe, alder, holm, popler, Wylugh, elm, plane, assh, box, chasteyn, lynde, laurer, Mapul, thorn, bech, hasel, ew, whippeltree,-- How they weren feld shal nat be toold for me The list of what the Knight is supposedly not telling continues at dizzying length: