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FEBFederal Executive Board
FEBFaculty of Economics and Business (various schools)
FEBFéderação Espírita Brasileira (Portuguese: Brazilian Spiritist Federation)
FEBFederación de Educadores Bonaerenses (Argentinian education federation)
FEBFar Eastern Bank (Singapore)
FEBFaculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde (Faculty of Economics and Business Administration)
FEBFederation of Belgian Enterprises
FEBFar Eastern Bureau
FEBFar East Broadcasting
FEBFigure Editor Button Bar
FEBFunctionals Electronic Block
FEBFirst Earth Battalion (James B. Channon)
FEBFédération des Entreprises de Belgique
FEBFederación Española de Baloncesto
FEBFédération des Équipes Bull (French: Federation of Bull Teams)
FEBForça Expedicionária Brasileira (Portugese: Brazilian Expeditionary Force)
FEBForça Expedicionária Brasileira (Brazilian Army)
FEBFlight Evaluation Board
FEBFiber Economics Bureau
FEBFondation en Faveur des Enfants Brûlés (French: Foundation for Disabled Burned Children; Switzerland)
FEBFront End Board
FEBForwarding Engine Board (routers)
FEBFacility Evaluation Board
FEBFacilities Engineering Branch
FEBForward Edge of Battle
FEBFat Eared Bunny (PEZ collectors)
FEBFunctional Electronic Block
FEBField Engineering Bulletin
FEBFinancial and Economic Board (NATO)
FEBForward Employment Base
FEBField Exercise Brigade
FEBFast Easy Binary
FEBFLEETSATCOM EHF Payload (type of antenna)
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Jim Channon, a former lieutenant colonel with the Army, told Ronson he was one of the founders of the First Earth Battalion, and had written the field manual for the group after years of research into philosophy, martial arts, psychic arts, healing, psychology and a range of extra-sensory experiences.
In the movie, the First Earth Battalion has been renamed the New Earth Army - and is also referred to as Project Jedi.
And now, according to the showbiz industry bible Variety, Ronson's 2004 novel The Men Who Stare At Goats will see Clooney appear in the strange-but-true tale of the First Earth Battalion, a secret US military unit set up during the Cold War for their apparent psychic and paranormal powers.
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