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FETTFirst Engine to Test (aerospace)
FETTFellowship of Eclectic Talking Therapists (UK)
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jet engine maker Pratt & Whitney said has completed assembly of its first engine to test for its PurePower PW1100G-JM engine the first engine to power the Airbus A320neo aircraft.
The results of the PurePower core testing further confirm that the first PW1000G engine to test is on target for later this summer for the Bombardier CSeries [set to enter service in 2013], followed by the first engine to test for the Mitsubishi Regional Jet," it said.
During the technical design phase, various tests of components or modules are conducted to abate residual risks and to reach the first engine to test (FETT) validation with a high confidence level.
These participants contributed to the successful start of the GE9X first engine to test two days ahead of schedule and the combined technologies of GE and our participants have performed extremely well, and we look forward to working together to deliver the largest, most fuel efficient wide body engine to our customers.
GE plans to begin testing a second HPC module at the Massa, Italy test facility later this year and a third HPC module prior to first engine to test in 2016.
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