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1GSSFirst Generation (Video) Surveillance System
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Square offspring has sometimes resulted from a slightly Irregular Triangle; but in almost every such case the Irregularity of the first generation is visited on the third; which either fails to attain the Pentagonal rank, or relapses to the Triangular.
The Ho-lu of the first generation may rise to become Alus; the Alus of the second generation may become Bo-lu, while it requires three generations of Bo-lu to become Band-lu, and so on until Kro-lu's parent on one side must be of the sixth generation.
Fenderson left Columbia to pursue a career in film, with her most recent production, First Generation, focusing on this opportunity disparity at institutions around the country.
The conclusion indicated programs currently available in many colleges and universities to assist white, working-class first generation college students do appear to help them persist with their educational goals.
Building bridges between home and school, old friends and new ones, is key to ensuring that the first generation to arrive at college departs there with diploma in hand.
First generation college students: Additional evidence on college experiences and outcomes.
ERIC Descriptors: First Generation College Students; Educational Practices; Classroom Environment; Classroom Techniques; Educational Policy; School Policy; Minority Group Students; Best Practices; Achievement Gains; Institutional Characteristics; Investment; Transitional Programs; Academic Support Services; Developmental Studies Programs; Change Strategies; Teacher Participation; Partnerships in Education; Educational Strategies
Unlike the first generation, who went to the mountains to pursue leftist dreams and hoped to bring about a revolution, the second generation\'92s anger toward the system is based on first-hand experience and grievances.
First Generation Anabaptist Ecclesiology, 1525-1561: A Study of Swiss, German and Dutch Sources.
By first generation, we mean students who are in the first generation of their family to attend a four-year institution of higher education.
First Generation Block Storage Virtualization Architectures
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