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FMOTFirst Moment of Truth (marketing methodology)
FMOTFederal Ministry of Transport (Germany)
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Blogs, as well as social media, are part of the online phenomenon and contribute to what has been commonly referred to as the Zero Moment-of-Truth (ZMOT), bypassing the First Moment of Truth (FMOT) during store visits.
Intended at delivering customer growth through insight and innovation, the strategy is in addition being used to aid brands battling to secure the First Moment of Truth, where shoppers decide one brand over another.
I need a Local Moment of Truth--a fast, local resolution to my need-not a Zero version or a First Moment of Truth, where I'm deciding between options.
McGuire said that P&G focuses on the end-users experience, both at the first moment of truth (store shelf) and second moment of truth (actual usage of the product).
Romesh Wadhwani, chairman of IRI, is saying "shoppers' (new) fealty to what they write down - suggests that the first moment of truth is now at home.
Lafley has referred to as "the first moment of truth," namely, when shoppers are in a store to select a product, says Wadhwani.
No place in the industry reflects our growing dilemmas better than the store shelves, which is the consumer's first moment of truth.
The first moment of truth will come when we learn what percentage of companies have been able to win certification for Section 404 compliance, the last section of the law to be phased in.
In doing so, he gave us the first moment of truth in this degrading conflict.