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FPRFinal Progress Report
FPRFixed-Point Representation
FPRFord Performance Racing
FPRFront Patriotique Rwandais (Rwanda Patriotic Front)
FPRFuel Pressure Regulator (automotive)
FPRFalse Positive Rate
FPRFuel Pressure Regulator
FPRFingerprint Reader
FPRFree Page Rank
FPRFloating Point Register
FPRForerunner Pharma Research (Japan)
FPRFinancial Performance Report
FPRFrance Plastiques Recyclage (French: France Plastics Recycling)
FPRFloating-Point Register (CPU architecture)
FPRFilter Performance Rating (air filters)
FPRFour-Port Reflectometer
FPRForeign Postdoctoral Researcher
FPRFirst Person Responsible (various organizations)
FPRFirst Public Relations (various locations)
FPRFlexi Packet Radio
FPRFlight Performance Reserve (US NASA)
FPRFrags per Round (gaming)
FPRFinal Proposal Revision(s)
FPRFichier des Personnes Recherchées (French: Wanted Persons File)
FPRFingerprint Recognition
FPRFederal Procurement Regulation
FPRFirst Pass Rate (medical billing)
FPRFalse Priority Report
FPRFlorida Poodle Rescue
FPRFree Product Recovery (remediation of sites contaminated with fuel oil)
FPRFast Packet Relay
FPRFlight Program (Seneca College, Canada)
FPRFoundation for Paranormal Research
FPRForward Pricing Rate
FPRFlight Plan Route
FPRFabry-Perot Resonator
FPRFaith Promoting Rumor
FPRFocal Point Review
FPRFuel Processing Restoration
FPRFirst Production Run
FPRFamily Procedure Rules (formerly Family Proceedings Rules; UK)
FPRFlight Profile Recorder
FPRFoliage Penetration Radar
FPRFlood Prone River
FPRForce Program Review
FPRFinal Project Review
FPRFederally Prescribed Reserve
FPRForest Practice Rule
FPRFood Processing Residuals
FPRFinal Program Requirements
FPRFeet Per Revolution
FPRFixed Price Reoffer
FPRFixed-Price With Redetermination
FPRFinal Production Run
FPRFamily Parent Rider (insurance)
FPRFailed Part Required
FPRFailed Part Report
FPRFree Person's Roundtable (website)
FPRField Performance Report (oil industry)
FPRFunctional Performance Requirement(s)
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Airframes Alaska announced the approval and first production run of the first Ultralight Alaskan Bushwheel.
She has launched a Kickstarter campaign hoping to raise PS90,000 so get the first production run underway.
Why did the first production run for so few performances?
The first production run is for the North American market, which the automaker stated will account for 80 percent of the model's global sales, equating to around 40,000 units per annum.
By the way, the first production run of Pepper, the "robot with a heart," was sold out in one minute.
"This has enabled us to get our first production run under way so we should be getting the first 500 units soon and have already presold 25% of them for PS149 to 18 different countries.
"To see a product go from its first production run to being on the shelves in such a competitive market is really exciting," he says.
In June 2014, Davidson traveled back to Vietnam to oversee the first production run. Davidson said, "It was like giving birth after a seven-year gestation period."
In 2012 they had their first production run and launched their business selling hand craft shoes online.
In AS9102, the definition of First Production Run Parts, prototype parts, or parts built using methods different from those intended for the normal production process, stipulates that these parts shall not be considered part of the first production run.
The boxes of the first 1,000 rimfire rifles were affixed with a special "First Production Run" sticker.
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