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FTFFor the Family
FTFFirst to Find (geocaching)
FTFFailed to Find (geocaching)
FTFFace the Fact
FTFFirst to Fight (computer game)
FTFFill the Front
FTFFace To Face (in person)
FTFFédération Tunisienne de Football (French: Tunisian Football Federation; Tunisia)
FTFFailure to Feed (A self loading firearm malfunction)
FTFFight the Future (X-Files movie)
FTFFailure to Fire
FTFFreescale Technology Forum
FTFFirst Things First (Chattanooga, TN family strengthening program)
FTFFirst to File (patent management)
FTFFor the Future (various organizations)
FTFFit to Fly
FTFFailure to Fly (suicide by jumping)
FTFFair Trade Federation
FTFFarmer-To-Farmer (Peace Corps program)
FTFFive to Fifteen (parental questionnaire)
FTFFan Tray Filter
FTFFtb Index File
FTFFree Trade Fxp
FTFFace to Face
FTFFavorite Things Friday
FTFFrench Touch Fishing (France)
FTFFat Tire Festival (bicycle festival; various locations)
FTFFlee the Facility (Roblox game)
FTFFirst-Time Freshman (education)
FTFFirst Time Fix
FTFFirst Time Father
FTFFamily Tree Forum (website)
FTFFederal Task Force
FTFFrench Tennis Federation (France)
FTFFile Transfer Facility (online banking)
FTFFinalization Task Force
FTFFinalization Task Force (OMG)
FTFFederal Transition Framework
FTFFundamental Train Frequency (bearing vibration)
FTFFlexible Target Family
FTFFuture Total Force (USAF)
FTFFédération Travailliste de Football (French: Football Labor Federation; Belgium)
FTFFresher Than Fresh (Gastonia, NC)
FTFFugitive Task Force
FTFFor the Find (geocaching)
FTFFeel the Force
FTFFor The Fail
FTFFlash Text Formatter
FTFFor The Fame (band)
FTFFlexible Technical Foils
FTFFilter Test Facilities
FTFFederal Telecommunications Fund
FTFFiber Termination Frame
FTFFull Time Father
FTFFuel Transport Facility
FTFFreeTradeFXP (online FXP group)
FTFFront des Travailleurs Français (French: French Workers Front)
FTFFreezer to Fryer (food items)
FTFFurther to Follow (police)
FTFFord Truck Fanatics (automotive fanclub)
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As a first time father my little girl Elinor, aged three, may pose her pint-sized share of paternal puzzlers - understandable given this is unknown territory for my wife and I, however when faced with sticking a moniker next to my mugshot, it's fair to say inspiration didn't strike.
London, Sept 7 (ANI): British actor Joseph Fiennes' family is all set to become a first time father soon, say reports.
A couple of months ago Zoltan Gera became a first time father when his wife Temar gave birth to daughter Hanna.
I think any first time father would tell you, the past few days have been the most amazing days.
It would be the first time father and son have seen each other since Elian was rescued off the Florida coast on Thanksgiving Day, after the boat carrying him, his mother and other would- be refugees from Cuba sank.
The 'Stand By Me' actor, who became a first time father on December 28, had beamed with pride as he revealed pictures of little Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip.
It was the first time father and son met, after the soldier missed the tot's birth.
Russell Arroyo, from the department store, said: "This is the first time Father Christmas has arrived here on a fire engine.
Sjoland, who became a first time father seven weeks ago, spent a month in intensive care after hurtling through the sun roof of his car when it over-turned on an icy, January road, in Sweden seven years ago.
This was the first time Father Connolly had appeared on the charge even though the case had been before the court on three previous occasions.
Ways of being a father: How first time fathers and public health nurses perceive men as fathers.
Make arrangements to have a drink with other first time fathers for an hour after work or at the weekend.