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FVPFirst Vice President
FVPFlash Vacuum Pyrolysis
FVPFunctional Virtual Prototype
FVPFachtechnisch Verantwortliche Person (German: Professionally Responsible Person; Swiss pharmaceutical compliance)
FVPFondation Vaudoise de Probation (Swiss probation foundation)
FVPField Vice President
FVPFlash Virtualization Platform (software)
FVPFair Value Pricing (mutual funds)
FVPFous du Volant a Plumes (French badminton organization)
FVPFerrocarril del Valle de Puebla SA (Puebla, Mexico short-line railroad)
FVPFortschrittliche Volkspartei (German: Progressive People's Party; Germany)
FVPFull Value Procurement
FVPFederacion Venezolana de Patinaje (Venezuelan skating federation)
FVPFormal Verification Platform
FVPFunctional Verification Plan
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The office of the first vice president in a statement said the first vice president has strongly condemned the death of scores of people in the two separate attacks in the capital and western Ghor province.
First Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum, an ethnic Uzbek warlord, and some of his militia guards have been under investigation over allegations of sexually assaulting an elderly political rival Ahmad Eshchi late last year.
The given communication campaign is focused on value of knowledge for business, how they can help improve productivity and achieve commercial success, the EBRD First Vice President stated.
According to BNA, with focusing attention to the situation of the region, first vice president during his meeting commemorated that Afghanistan and Pakistan both are the target of terrorists and everyone are victimizing.
The Minister stated that he had briefed the First Vice President on the technical preparations in terms of providing Agricultural Season's inputs, formation of the different Agricultural Schemes and the development that took place in the pilot farms at some States throughout the Country.
Bio: LWV Alachua County, FL, president, 2002-2004; first vice president and Social Policy chair, 1999-2002.
The First Vice President said the federal government will continue backing the water, health and other services in Khartoum state, which he said, shoulder a huge burden country-wise.
Ustaz / Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, First Vice President of the Republic has been informed about the current preparations and arrangement for the convening of the international Conference for supporting Sudan Economy which will be convened in next March in Turkey.
Riyadh, Muharram 30, 1433, Dec 25, 2011, SPA -- Crown Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior, received a message from First Vice President of the Republic of Sudan Ali Othman Mohammed Taha.
First vice president of sales Karl Brumback exclusively handled the transaction with first vice president of sales David Simone.
Timothy Grant has been appointed senior credit officer, community lending and development; Vijay Bhasin has been appointed first vice president and senior manager, credit modeling; Douglas J.
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