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FYEXFirst Year Experience (college course)
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Dominican's First Year Experience is the work of 35 faculty members who collaborated to bring together their particular fields of expertise into a collective body of knowledge and wisdom, Behmandsaid.
I really don't think I would have been as successful in college without the First Year Experience.
There is a need to reflect on traditional approaches and to consider alternative models that will provide a positive first year experience.
The core classes that Fullerton First Year students take during the first year experience have varied over the three-year period.
Krause, K, Hartley, R, James, R & McInnis, C 2005, The First Year Experience in Australian Universities: Findings from a decade of national studies.
There is increased attention on the first year experience at universities generally as a result of the Australian federal government's focus on increased accountability for universities and widening participation in further education (DEST, 2003; Jardine & Krause, 2005; Kift, 2005; Krause, Hartley, James & McInnes, 2005).
This feeling of isolation is exacerbated, in my view, by the fact that this course is exclusively designed for incoming students as part of our First Year Experience program, which means close bonding within that age group at the expense of limited mingling with older students.
Certainly in respect to the first year experience (FYE), the requirements for a University-wide academic, administrative and student support areas to work together to produce a successful experience has been well advanced by the work of Kift in developing a transition pedagogy (Kift 2007, 2008), as well as previously (Krause et al.
Steady Moono, dean of student success at Pennsylvania's Montgomery County Community College, is one of 10 educators nationwide to be named a "2008 Outstanding First Year Student Advocate" by the National Resource Center for the First Year Experience and Students in Transition, based at the University of South Carolina.
Many students who either discontinued or changed universities were found to gain some benefits from their year of university study and are more likely to judge their first year experience positively than negatively.
This qualitative study analyzes student service-learning journals in a first year experience program.
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