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FYPFestival of Young Performers
FYPFlexible Year Program (Bryan Independent School District; Bryan, TX)
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The consulting services ( the Services ) include: (i) assessment and development of the Road Asset Management and Bridge Management Systems of the Albania National Roads Network and define the action plan for their improvements; (ii) definition of a five year rolling program for repair and maintenance works of the National Roads Network; (iii) definition and preparation of the first year program for RRMSP repair and maintenance program; and (iv) enhancement of the ARA Technical capacity and technology transfer.
Building on the successful first year program, the Open World Leadership Center is funding a second year of the League's Russian Civic Hosting Program.
This course has been taught to 125-150 freshmen each Fall for the last three years as part of the pioneering Fullerton First Year program.
This mix of teaching strategies was used in two consecutive core curricula in the first year program, each curriculum having a slight variation in the ordering of planning, teaching, and assessment strategies.
The following seemed to be the "must have" topics in a first year program, whether environmentally focused or not: stoichiometry; energetics; kinetics; electrochemistry; equilibria.
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