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FPIRFalse Positive Identification Rate (biometrics)
FPIRFlood Plain Information Report (US FEMA)
FPIRFirst-Phase Insulin Response
FPIRForces Progressistes pour l'Indépendance et la Renaissance (French: Progressive Forces for Independence and the Renaissance; Cameroon)
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Interestingly, low fat-fed mice that received STZ did not exhibit reduced insulin secretion; in fact, 30 mg/kg STZ tended to increase the first-phase insulin response in low fat-fed mice.
The IVGTT procedure was chosen in order to specifically assess first-phase insulin responses. Pentobarbital anesthesia was utilized for the IVGTTs to minimize physiological stress associated with serial sampling to obtain sufficient plasma volumes for both insulin and glucose measures.
First-phase insulin responses during the IVGTT were computed as the ratio of incremental areas under the curve (iAUC) for insulin over glucose for 0-5 minutes.
First-phase insulin responses (iAUC) in low fat-fed mice tended to be higher following 30 mg/kg STZ (p = 0.08 versus vehicle), but not 50 mg/kg STZ (Figure 4(e)).
The reason for the delay in reaching the PPG peak is not clear but may result from insulin resistance and a delayed or missing first-phase insulin response.