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FRAFederal Railroad Administration (US DoT)
FRAFinancial Reporting and Analysis
FRAFramingham (Amtrak station code; Framingham, MA)
FRAFire Risk Assessment (various organizations)
FRAFrater (Latin: brother)
FRAFranklin Road Academy (Nashville, Tennessee)
FRAFundamental Rights Agency (EU)
FRAFörsvarets Radioanstalt (Swedish: Defense Radio Establishment)
FRAForward Rate Agreement
FRAFisheries Research Agency (Japan)
FRAFugitive Recovery Agent
FRAFull Rate Access
FRAForward Rate Agreements
FRAFranconian (linguistics)
FRAFleet Reserve Association
FRAFull Retirement Age (SSA)
FRAFunctional Risk Assessment (product development)
FRAFlood Risk Assessment
FRAFlash Recovery Area (programming)
FRAForest Resources Association (Rockville, MD)
FRAFrequency Response Analysis
FRAFire and Rescue Authorities (UK emergency services)
FRAFerengi Rules of Acquisition (Star Trek)
FRAFiscal Responsibility Act
FRAFamily Relations Act (Canada)
FRAFixed Radio Access
FRAFlight Refuelling Aircraft (Indian Air Force)
FRAFlorida Redevelopment Association
FRAFlorida Restaurant Association (now Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association)
FRAForward Repair Activity
FRAFund for Rural America
FRAFront Range Airport
FRAFirst Responder - Awareness (hazardous materials)
FRAFrente Radical Alfarista (Spanish: Radical Alfarista Front, Ecuador)
FRAFinancial Responsibility Act
FRAForestry Reclamation Approach
FRAFredericksburg Regional Alliance
FRAFederal Register Act
FRAFermi Research Alliance, LLC (Batavia, IL)
FRAMaintaining Financial Records and Preparing Accounts (business education)
FRAFederal Reimbursement Allowance
FRAFrankfurt, Germany - Frankfurt International (Airport Code)
FRAFinal Repair Account
FRAFuture Rockstars of America
FRAFrost Resistance Aura (gaming, World of Warcraft)
FRAFire Resistance Aura (gaming, World of Warcraft)
FRAFalse River Academy (Louisiana)
FRAFlap Retraction Altitude (aviation)
FRAFoundation Repair Association (construction)
FRAFixed Resource Allocation
FRAFaculty Research Associate
FRAForward/Future Rate Agreement
FRAFast Rate Adaptation
FRAFlame Resistant Apparel
FRAFunded Reimbursement Authority
FRAFlorida Rehabilitation Association
FRAFederal Recovery Administration
FRAFlexible Resource Allocation
FRAFederal Radio Act
FRAFolded Reflector Antenna
FRAFuel Rack Actuator
FRAFlexible Retirement Annuity
FRAForeign Registered Agent
FRAFunctional Requirements Allocation
FRAFan, Return Air
FRAForce Reconnaissance Association
FRAFunded-Reimbursable Reimbursement Authority
FRAFleet Research Assist
FRAFuze Removal Adapter
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114-74, signed November 2, 2015, has repealed the outdated provisions of the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act.
These characteristics were most immediately reflected in Australia's 'Charter of Budget Honesty' (1996) and the UK's 'Code of Fiscal Stability' (1998) that eventually morphed into the Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2010.
Aftab Sherpao cautioned the government that it was on the verge of violating the fiscal responsibility Act over the issue of the debt-to-GDP ratio, saying any increase in borrowing will further burden the country's economy and also overburden the people.
The Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act, which was included in the health care reconciliation bill that was enacted last month, directly impacts higher education financing programs guaranteed by the federal government.
Passage of the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act (SAFRA), which was included as part of the health care reconciliation bill, will make college more accessible and affordable for millions of Americans.
The Chancellor will also announce a tough new law, the Fiscal Responsibility Act, to keep public borrowing in check.
The PM revealed plans for a Fiscal Responsibility Act to tie any Government, Labour or Tory, to specific reductions in borrowing.
The Prime Minister revealed plans for a Fiscal Responsibility Act to bind in the Government, whether Labour or Tory, to specific reductions in borrowing.
Mr Brown revealed plans for a Fiscal Responsibility Act to bind all future governments - Labour or Tory - to specific reductions in borrowing - although the exact level of legally binding cuts has yet to be decided.
The Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act would convert all new federal student lending to the government-run Direct Loan program.
In fact, the small government portion of the contract was limited mostly to the first bill it promised to pass: the Fiscal Responsibility Act, a balanced budget/tax limitation amendment that would have included a legislative line-item veto "to restore fiscal responsibility to an out-of-control Congress.
The use of these securities has been declining since the passage of the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982, which effectively eliminated the issuance of municipal bearer bonds.