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FCZFishery Conservation Zone
FCZFantatriathlon Community Zone (Italy)
FCZFerblantier Couvreur Zingueur (French roofing company)
FCZFootball Club de Zuydcoote (French: Zuydcoote Football Club; Zuydcoote, France)
FCZForward Combat Zone
FCZFussball Club Zurich
FCZFussball Club Zurich (Soccer Team Zurich)
FCZFiring Cutout Zone
FCZFuture Control Zone
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This period has included enactment of the Magnuson Fishery Conservation and Management Act of 1976 and jurisdiction over fisheries within the 200-mile fishery conservation zone, joint state-federal management of the fisheries within the 200-mile zone by regional fishery management councils, development of coordinated management research programs, and regulation of domestic and foreign fisheries based on the determination of the maximum sustainable biological yield, the optimum yield, and similar population parameters.
Although it is still too early to try to evaluate the success of management of the resources within the 200-mile fishery conservation zone, the administration to date by the North Pacific Fishery Management Council, although at times cumbersome, is working and there is every indication their efforts will be a success.
It is the staff of the Northwest and Alaska Fisheries Center, with the heritage gained from the biological research conducted at the Seattle and Auke Bay Laboratories, that must now develop the scientific basis for policy and plans in the management of the fisheries within the 200-mile fishery conservation zones of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, in other waters of the United States, and far beyond in response to international treaties and understandings.