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FISSFiscal Intermediary Standard System (Medicare)
FISSFormación, Información y Servicios Sociales (Spanish: Training, Information and Social Services)
FISSFull in Service Support (various companies)
FISSForeign Intelligence and Security Services (US Defense Intelligence Agency)
FISSFamily and Individual Support Services (disability help)
FISSFederazione Italiana Sport Silenziosi (Italian: Italian Sport Federation for the Deaf)
FISSFish Information Stream Summary
FISSFlight, Invulnerability, Speed, Strength (comic book slang)
FISSFacility Inspection Support System (FDA computer program used by inspectors in the USA to report findings.)
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"'Washish squashish squeak, Sinbad, hey-diddle diddle, grunt unt grumble, hiss, fiss, whiss,' said he to me, one day after dinner- but I beg a thousand pardons, I had forgotten that your majesty is not conversant with the dialect of the Cock-neighs (so the man-animals were called; I presume because their language formed the connecting link between that of the horse and that of the rooster).
We find FISs outperform FBE immigrants by a substantial margin, but under-perform CBE graduates from similar post-secondary programs.
It shares its 198km of piste, spread over a series of sunny, open bowls, with the two neighbouring towns, Fiss and Laadis.
Part I explores Fiss's views on his luminaries, Brown, legal liberalism, and Yale.
might be learned incidentally through those studies (Fiss, 2011).
He also said that there were some misconceptions among some politicians about the FISS scheme.
We first extend the core-periphery perspective of typology posited by Fiss (2011), and propose a typology structure consisting of three types of conditions with different levels of importance in relation to organizational outcomes, namely, necessary, core, and peripheral conditions.
Moreover, context adaptation of FISs has been recognized as an effective method for generating interpretable and accurate FIS models through tuning of the parameters contained in the data sets and based on the collected context-specific information [8].
This notion is further supported by LaForme Fiss' [4] description of the value to parents of sharing with peers.
In A Way Out: America's Ghettos and the Legacy of Racism, Owen Fiss described the ghetto as "more than a place where the underclass happens to live.
Feline Injection Site Sarcomas (FISS)--which can grow in connective tissue months or years after an injection --continue to concern owners despite reports of low incidence.