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References in classic literature ?
I may lose my sight altogether; and anyway I'll not be fit to run things.
It's obvious that they are not fit to run our energy system LAURA HILL OF FUEL POVERTY ACTION
What the Football League are saying is Cellino is not fit to run Leeds now, but by March he will be.
But - and there always seems to be a but with the Croydon athlete - he wasn't fit to run the final.
NOTTS COUNTY chairman Peter Trembling last night promised: We are fit to run the football club and all will be revealed in a week.
The Westminster Labour Government, with their attempt to abandon the many thousands of Gurkhas who wish to live in Britain, have shown they are no longer fit to run Britain.
ATHLETICS: Paula Radcliffe is confident she will be fit to run the women's marathon at the Olympic Games barring any further injury setbacks.
David lad might have had divine intervention on his side but bookies today also have a potent weapon - apparently even blind horses are deemed fit to run.
"It's disappointing to miss out on the relays but I want to be fit to run at Leeds in two weeks' time.
The book by FT and The Economist journalist David lane, expands upon an article he wrote for The Economist two years ago which listed the reasons why Berlusconi wasn't fit to run Italy.
As someone who was interviewed extensively for "Is Your Office Bullyproof?" (May/June), I was happy to see that Mother Jones saw fit to run a feature article on the problem of workplace bullying.
But the same media that saw fit to run hundreds of stories on Pentagon cost overruns a few years ago has steadfastly resisted the temptation to write articles about wasted AIDS money.