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FITTForum for International Trade Training
FITTFrequency, Intensity, Time, Type (physical training)
FITTFemales in Information Technology and Telecommunications (Australia)
FITTFactory and Installation Test Translation
FITTFuture In Telecom Technologies
FITTFully Immersive Team Training system
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Steer and FITT have also agreed to offer interested students of NT Delhi opportunities for research-based projects and to mentor them in specific areas.
BEST FOOT FORWARD: Right, one of the FITT exercise classes run by Jo Jacques at the Joe Walton Youth Club, Neptune Centre, Berwick Hills
The emphasis placed on gathering measurements of energy expenditure is demonstrated by the preference for researchers to convert all raw data concerning the individual components of FITT into one single measure of metabolic equivalents (METs).
We also have David Fitt from St George's distillery in Norfolk which commenced production in 2006.
Fitt specifically addressed ASU's games against Ole Miss and Louisiana-Lafayette and some of the keys to the Indians' victories, but also discussed their most recent recruiting class and how "all the pieces have come together out of the gate" for ASU.
Gerry Fitt, who died last week aged 79, was one of the major political figures in Northern Ireland during the troubled 1970s and early 1980s.
Pat Fitt, 63, from Wavertree, arrived at Strawberry Field as a three-year-old in 1944.
Katrina Florez Fitt has been named vice president, responsible for heading operations in the southwest U.
1992), who proposed that the primary, secondary, and blind-ended tertiary tubes of the tubular system do not connect with the hemocoel; therefore the algae are not found in the hemolymph compartment (see Fitt, 1993, for a review).
7 million and is being built by a joint venture of Solvin Italia (a Solvay/BASF joint venture that makes PVC), Adriaplast (a Solvay Group subsidiary that makes packaging), Fitt S.
M Fitt fears Tony McCoy's treatment at the hands of the stewards could drive the champion out of British racing