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FVEYFive Eyes (international intelligence sharing network)
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The Beast had a head like that of a rhinoceros, only there were five eyes in its face.
The US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand have combined their intelligence services' efforts in a programme called the Five Eyes, which stipulates the sharing of useful intel and joint espionage operations, which have allegedly sometimes been used to bypass national surveillance laws.
Air passengers from the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing alliance - which in addition to the UK consists of the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand - plus Japan will be allowed to use the gates.
According to Nicholas Bieber, a journalist for (https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/732737/Princess-Diana-death-Five-Eyes-spy-CIA-NSA-UKUSA-intelligence-agency-royal-news) Daily Star , the People's Princess was under surveillance by a secret intelligence agency which partnered with "Five Eyes," currently known as UKUSA, and "targeted" by the US's National Security Agency.
Surveillance information is also shared among the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand under the Five Eyes arrangement.
Britain views the United States as its closest ally, and the two countries also share intelligence as part of the 'Five Eyes' network which also includes Australia, Canada and New Zealand.
It also said the NSA has shared one of the documents on Japan with "Five Eyes" intelligence partners-- Australia, Canada, Britain and New Zealand.
US officials have also repeatedly said in the past that the agency does not use the services of its partners in the "Five Eyes alliance" to go around those prohibitions.
The "Five Eyes" agreement was born out of Britain and America's tight-knit intelligence partnership in WW-II - particularly the work at Bletchley Park, breaking German and Japanese codes.
According to the report, NSA isn't the only surveillance authority as the 'Five Eyes' namely UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada 'go beyond what NSA itself does'.
Each insect has five eyes but cannot recognise the colour red.