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It is important to consider which advanced features the data replication solution includes to: reduce time to process replications; reduce user effort to set up and manage replications; reduce time to address errors; optimize the user experience through prebuilt visual monitors to check status, compare and resolve replication discrepancies; and to quickly spot and fix errors.
Fortunately, there are modern alternatives to these two choices that actually combine the best qualities of each--ETL for most of the data and a robust web user interface to find and fix errors before they go into the new system.
With Coverity's unique ability to offer quick detection of complex, uncommon and hard-to-detect errors, software developers are further motivated to find and fix errors early in the software development cycle.
Luckily, you can avoid the sanction expense of Audit CAP if you catch and promptly fix errors with your plan.
Wasted bandwidth (WB) is the proportion of bandwidth used to create and fix errors (Equation (7)) [10]:
It requires petitioners to submit initiative signature sheets once a month so government elections workers have more time to process sheets and so petitioners have more time to fix errors.
So now, it's more important that we fix errors quickly, because as we go forward, those errors represent a continued excuse for nonpayment.
National Consumer Law Center said that three credit-reporting agencies have not done enough to help people fix errors on credit reports needed for mortgages [NYT]
To help the vendor find and fix errors, Toys "R" Us includes a link to the error report that resides on its Vendor Extranet.
Smart Document Scan software enables users to scan, fix errors and convert/save electronic documents.
Daniel Webster, R-Orlando, reinterated his earlier statements that his main goal was to streamline the constitution, fix errors and mistakes, remove outdated language, and perhaps address a few issues where there was wide consensus that those provisions should be statutory instead of constitutional.
Indeed, technology solutions that monitor and help fix errors and exceptions in the order-to-cash process, automate the receivables and collections management process and deliver real-time click-through visibility across the financial transactions are delivering tremendous returns--in revenue assurance, unlocking working capital, reducing operational costs and improving customer interactions.