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FDDFloppy Disk Drive
FDDFrequency Division Duplex
FDDFranchise Disclosure Document
FDDFeature-Driven Development
FDDFeature-Driven Development (software development methodology)
FDDForum for Democracy and Development (Zambia)
FDDFoundation for the Defense of Democracies
FDDFunctional Decomposition Diagram
FDDFonds pour le Développement Durable (French: Sustainable Development Fund; Switzerland)
FDDFaculté de Droit (French: Law School; Togo)
FDDFlexible Disk Drive
FDDFinancial Due Diligence
FDDForces for the Defense of Democracy (Burundi)
FDDFrequency Diversity Duplex
FDDFluorescent Differential Display
FDDFault Detection and Diagnosis
FDDFixed Disk Drive
FDDFonds de Dotation (French: Endowment Fund)
FDDFaune et Développement Durable (French: Wildlife and Sustainable Development; EU)
FDDFather Daughter Dance
FDDFunctional Design Document
FDDFocused District Development (NATO)
FDDFull Deployment Decision
FDDFood Distribution Division (USDA)
FDDFamilial Danish Dementia
FDDFinal Delivery Date
FDDFault Detection Diagnostic
FDDFirst Digitized Division
FDDFreight, Demurrage and Defense (also seen as FD&D; shipping industry)
FDDFerrari Démolition Désamiantage (French demolition company)
FDDFrequency of Drinking Days
FDDFreezing Degree Days
FDDFixed Date Departure (travel)
FDDForce Design Division
FDDFire Department Directory
FDDFunctional Decision Diagram
FDDFaçades Dallages et Déco (French building renovation company)
FDDFirst Due Date
FDDFirst Dollar Defense (insurance)
FDDFormation Diplômante Dérogatoire (French: Derogatory Diploma Course)
FDDForce Design Directorate
FDDFunctional Description Document
FDDFacility Design Description
FDDForeign Documents Division
FDDFinancial Data Disseminator
FDDForce Design and Development
FDDFunctional Decomposition Design
FDDFarm Ditch Density
FDDFormal Domain Definition
FDDFloating Digital Drive
FDDFlexible Delivery Development (Sprint)
FDDFamily Double Dare (TV show)
FDDFábrica do Design
FDDFilthy Difiler Disgrace
FDDFisheries Development Department
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Three-dimensional analysis of tolerances proves they can be eased on a fixed disk drive
The video motion segments come from a compact disk, while the questions are queued from a data base contained on the fixed disk drive in our home computer.
* IBM Personal System/2 Model 35 386SX with 2MB RAM, 40MB internal fixed disk drive, and 1.44MB diskette drive
The format errors of IBM's first AT fixed disk drive and the numerous bugs in Microsoft's "upgraded" Word software remind companies of the need for newproduct performance in the field.
In the second situation, the maker of a fixed disk drive for a personal computer chose to subcontract the manufacturing to a company whose factories were adept at precision, high-volume, quick ramp-up products-unlike the company's main factories that were experienced in lower volume minicomputer mass storage products.
Most popular microcomputers can be obtained for less than $5,000--often, at that price, with a color display screen, one removable and one fixed disk drive, a dot-matrix printer, and telecommunication capability or ability to communicate with other microcomputers.
For database systems, storage usually will be accomplished by means of fixed disk drives or disk subsystems.
Virtualization is an inherent capability of enterprise storage arrays, which aggregate capacity from multiple fixed disk drives in a single physical frame and present logical volumes for host access.
Since computer architecture is standardized on fixed disk drives, data exchange, backup, and archival applications have been delegated to other peripheral devices such as floppy disk drives, CD-RW, DVD-RAM, tape drive systems, and cartridge-based drives such as the Iomega Jaz or Castlewood ORB.