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FNEFrance Nature Environnement (French environmental association)
FNEFile Name Extension
FNEFeature Name Extensions
FNEFile Name Editor
FNEFear of Negative Evaluation (psychological assessment scale)
FNEFonds National pour l'Emploi (French: National Employment Fund)
FNEForensic Nurse Examiner
FNEFédération Neuchâteloise des Entrepreneurs (French: Neuchâtel Entrepreneurs Federation; Neuchâtel, Switzerland)
FNEFixed Network Equipment
FNEFear No Evil
FNEFirst Night Effect
FNEFramenet Explorer
FNEFollowing Named Enlisted Personnel
FNEFederation of North-American Explorers
FNEFebrile Neutropenic Episode
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Local Communication Equipment Fixed network equipment such as communication end points and repeaters that are either installed adjacent to the meter installation or within a short distance from the meter that enable transfer of data to and from the Fixed Network Infrastructure to the AMR / AMI Smart Water Meters.
County communications director, Scott Krater, informed the county commissioners at a meeting Thursday that fixed network equipment has been set up at all 11 locations.