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FEMFinite Element Method
FEMFinite Element Model
FEMFar East Movement (music group)
FEMFour Eyed Monster
FEMFonds pour l'Environnement Mondial (French: Global Environment Facility)
FEMFront End Module
FEMFoam Exercise Mat
FEMFaculty of Economics and Management
FEMFaculdade de Engenharia Mecânica (Brasil)
FEMFront End Emulator
FEMFunctional Expansion Module
FEMFront End Multiplexer
FEMFront End Manager (various companies)
FEMFédération Européenne des Métallurgistes (European Metalworkers' Federation)
FEMFakulta Ekonomiky a Manažmentu
FEMForschungsgemeinschaft Elektronische Medien eV
FEMForeign Exchange Market
FEMFédération Européenne de la Manutention (French: European Federation of Materials Handling; est. 1953)
FEMFixed Effects Model
FEMFluorescence Emission
FEMForce Électromotrice (French: electromotive force)
FEMFile Extension Manager (software)
FEMfield emission microscopy
FEMFree-Electron Maser
FEMFennoscandian Exploration and Mining (conference)
FEMFashion Elements
FEMFocus Exposure Matrix (semiconductor)
FEMFluides Environnement Maintenance (French hazardous waste company)
FEMFemmes et Entrepreneuriat en Mauricie (French: Women and Entrepreneurship in Mauricie; Mauricie, Quebec, Canada)
FEMFjällräven Extreme Marathon
FEMFluctuation Electron Microscopy
FEMForest Ecology and Forest Management
FEMFixed End Moment (mathematical analysis of a structure)
FEMFacilities and Equipment Maintenance (USACE)
FEMFire Equipment Maintenance (Australia)
FEMFrozen Empire Media (music label)
FEMFederación Ecuestre Mexicana
FEMFreinage Équipements Marseille (French: Marseille Braking Equipment; Marseille, France)
FEMFisheries and Environmental Management (Finland)
FEMForce Électro-Motrice (French: driving electro force)
FEMFeministas en Marcha (Spanish: Feminists on the March; Puerto Rico)
FEMFacilities Engineering Management
FEMFast Eye Movement
FEMFemale Entrepreneurs' Meeting
FEMFællessekretariat for Eftersyns- og Mærkningsordningerne
FEMFissionable Equivalent Mass
FEMFederated Export Marketing
FEMFluorouracil, Epirubicin, Mitomycin
FEMFundacja Edukacji Miêdzynarodowej
FEMFiber and Environmental Management (Alcatel)
FEMFemale Engineered Marketing
FEMFolklore Ensemble Magdeburg eV (Magdeburg, Germany)
FEMFred Ellsworth Medallion
FEMFederation of Women Entrepreneur Association Malaysia
FEMFaculty of Economics and Muamalat (University Sains Islam Malaysia)
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Table 4 presents the fixed effects model results for summer study.
Though Hausman test favored results from fixed effects model, both the results of fixed and random effects model were reported to accede to the robustness of results.
In order to examine the Hypotheses 1, to wit, the relative-to-rivals cash level of a company has a positively correlation with its future product market share growth, this paper use all the annual firms-level samples to regress relative-to-industry sales revenue growth, relative-to-industry cash ratio and other control variables (Size, Leverage and market-to-book ratio) though fixed effects model in equation (5).
The disadvantage of parametric models including the fixed effects model is the requirement that both the structure and the error distribution are specified correctly.
The advantage of the fixed effects model compared to the random effects model is that the estimators are consistent even if the explanatory variables are correlated with the unobservable bond-specific effect [a.
To resolve the econometrics issues associated with equation 10, fixed effects model or GMM(generalized method of moments)estimation (instrumental variables) can be used.
The above results show that the fixed effects model is appropriate for assessing the relationship between FDI and GDP per capita.
The model specified in Equation (1) is estimated by Fixed Effects Model using least-square dummy variable (LSDV) and generalised method of moments (GMM) methods.
The simple setting of the fixed effects model can be written as follows.
As a result of these econometric challenges, our published model excluded fixed effects, though we recognize that unit-specific heterogeneity may not be captured without fixed effects; thus, we include discussions of our estimated fixed effects model variants in this paper.
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