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FPICFree, Prior and Informed Consent (principle)
FPICFonds de Péréquation des Ressources Intercommunales et Communales (French: Intercommunal and Communal Resource Equalization Fund)
FPICField Programmable Integrated Circuits
FPICFirst Professionals Insurance Company (Jacksonville, FL)
FPICField Programmable Interconnect
FPICFederal Partnership for Interoperable Communications
FPICField Programmable Interconnect Chip
FPICField Programmable Interconnect Circuit
FPICFlorida Plastics Industry Council
FPICFixed-Price Incentive Contract
FPICFiltered Parallel Interference Canceller
FPICFacility Person in Charge
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We are increasing the use of fixed-price incentive contracts in early production--and it is paying off.
This rule is of particular interest to contractors and contracting officers who use cost analysis to price contracts and modifications, and who determine or negotiate reasonable costs in accordance with a clause of a contract, e.g., price revision of fixed-price incentive contracts, terminated contracts, or indirect cost rates.
* Fixed-price incentive contracts in which final contract price and profit are calculated based on a formula that relates final negotiated cost to target cost; these may be either firm target or successive targets.
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