FLAAFlight across America
FLAAFlagellin A
FLAAFlorida Academy of Audiology
FLAAFlorida AIDS Action
FLAAFederation of Lofa Associations in the Americas
FLAAFamily Law Arbitration Act
FLAAForest Lake Athletic Association (Forest Lake, MN)
FLAAFalls Lake Archery Association (Durham, NC)
FLAAFair Lawn Art Association (Fairlawn, NJ)
FLAAFlame Atomic Absorption Analysis
FLAAFordham Law Alumni Association
FLAAFirst Los Angeles Aqueduct (Los Angeles Department of Water and Power; California)
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Supply and installation of detectors of hot boxes and brakes seized in mixed width and integration in the control posts in flaa vas i-ii, bellaterra va i-ii.
For the 29 isolates where flaA PCR was successful, amplicons were digested with the restriction enzyme DdeI (Roche Diagnostics New Zealand Ltd.
The flaA gene sequences of six UPTC isolates, which had been recently published, including UPTC AB07058, AB073915, AB073916, AB073917, AB073918 and AB080202 (GenBank Accession number), were aligned employing the Clustal alignment tool in combination with DNASTAR software (DNASTAR Inc, Wisconsin, USA).
htm[ greater than]; see also Hearing Examiner's Report and Recommendation, Flaa v.
With: Kathleen Fontaine, Tara Howley, Desi del Valle, Leon Acord, Machiko Saito, Tammy Dubose, John Flaa, Mimi Gonzalez, David Schendel, DeVone Minters, Pola Mazursky, Doug Holsclaw, Julia Jackson, Suzy Berger.
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It may look like the coward's way out, but we just can't decide between Steven Flaa, Russell Fox, Rodney Peck and Christopher Swan in the Golden Apple's "Forever Plaid.
Key Personnel: Wayne Miller, President; Steve Lazar, Vice President; John Flaa, Marketing Director; Michael James, Sales Manager; Catherine Clary, National Sales Manager.
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pneumophila genome published (24); consequently, locus fliC corresponds to locus flaA used in the EWGLI typing scheme (17).