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In the grounds of the famous missionary consul, Pritchard, then absent in London, the consular flag of Britain waved as usual during the day, from a lofty staff planted within a few yards of the beach, and in full view of the frigate.
If she's not here to see, it's because I've provided for her, and sent half-a-dozen gentlemen, every one of 'em with a blue flag (but not half as fine as yours), to take her, in state, to a grand house all hung round with gold and silver banners, and everything else you please, where she'll wait till you come, and want for nothing.
Flutter, flutter, went the flag, first to the right, then to the left.
I still kept the green flag, with the dove worked on it.
They cheered the flag by habit and tradition, they despised other nations, and whenever there was an international difficulty they were intensely patriotic, that is to say, they were ardently against any native politician who did not say, threaten, and do harsh and uncompromising things to the antagonist people.
and when they came to the chorus, all point to Rebecca's flag.
whispered Rose, as the little troop marched slowly by to the muffled roll of the drums, every flag and sword held low, all the little heads uncovered, and the childish faces very sober as the leafy shadows flickered over them.
The battle flag in the distance jerked about madly.
The first morning the new flag floated over the stern of the Nan-Shan Jukes stood looking at it bitterly from the bridge.
living, at least unless death had struck Barbicane and his two friends since they had hoisted the flag.
But he had an eye on Tom's passage for all that, and as soon as all was over, came forward with another flag and reverently spread it on the body.
The young men in the fort, natives of the United States, were on the point of hoisting the American flag, but were forbidden by Mr.