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The only supported encoders were Wirecast, the Flash Media Live Encoder, XSplit, and Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).
If you're encoding with Adobe's Flash Media Live Encoder, you can download an XML file with your configuration information; for other encoders, Ustream provides the RTMP URL and Stream Key, which should get you up and running with no problem.
With Flash Media Live Encoder, things are more complex, but Justin.
Seeking improved quality, I went to Bambuser's channel page, which has clear instructions for working with third-party tools such as the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder and Telestream Wirecast.
In my final tests, I used the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder to produce three live streams: one at 320x240 at 300 Kbps; one at 480x360 at 450 Kbps; and one at 640x480 at 650 Kbps.
For live streaming, the Flash Media Live Encoder creates streams for the Flash Media Server or a CDN deployment.
When choosing your own encoder, software solutions such as Adobe Flash Player or Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder typically work well for a single stream but not for multiple streams.
Encoding Classes and Products Service-Specific Encoding Stations Software-Only Encoders Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder Adobe Flash Player Kulabyte XStream Live Encoder Microsoft Windows Media Encoder/Expression Encoder (Windows Media and Silverlight) PC Cards (Studios and Fixed Locations) ViewCast Osprey Winnov Videum Portable Encoders Digital Rapids TouchStream Appliances NewTek, Inc.