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FLVFlash Video
FLVFeline Leukemia Virus (also seen as FeLV)
FLVFuture Large Vehicle
FLVFrance Location Vacances (French: France Holiday Rentals)
FLVForced Liquidation Value
FLVFlanders Language Valley fund (Belgium)
FLVForeign Leave
FLVFork Lift Vehicle
FLVForeign Liaison Visit
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A flash video player published for Flash Player 7 or above can also play FLV files directly with MIME type video/x-flv (libflv, 2008).
Phanfare automatically converts shared video files into a Flash video format for easy viewing, and then selects the best playback speed for whoever is watching the video.
If Flash video didn't exist, inventing it would have been an excellent project for the NHL (or Crosby's agents) to undertake.
Snowvision's features include personalized weather feeds, customized resort data, high-resolution Flash video delivery (including a full-screen video mode), a drag-and-drop playlist interface, user uploads, and a special "Sponsor Me" section for riders who want to get seen by sponsors.
VCOM Mobile runs on any device that uses Flash video, such as PDAs and cell phones.
The video component of the campaign consists of three, one-minute Flash video clips.
In practical applications, traffic cameras are linked to the ViewCast Niagara 7224 encoding system, which in turn streams content to the Web for public viewing and/or delivers content to a rack-mount Niagara server for archiving as a Windows Media or RealVideo stream or as AVI files or Flash video. Also included with the system is ViewCast's Osprey SimulStreamR software which allows a single input feed to be split out and encoded as a Windows Media Stream and as a RealVideo stream.
As with the next couple of chapters (Creating Animation and Creating Flash Video) there is no overwhelming use of images to explain procedures, yet the text is not too weighty.
Speakers will discuss such topics as Online Video Advertising, Successful Models for Consumer-Based Content, Selecting the Right Hardware and Software for Webcasting, and Creating Content with Macromedia Flash Video.
Dynamic Link, which delivers a highly efficient workflow experience, is also included, as well as Flash Video export capabilities to provide video students and teachers with a new, fluid method of delivering content to the Web using this ubiquitous Web video standard.
- Flash Video Support: Users can now incorporate ads in Flash Video format, adding this leading Internet ad format to the other types of advertising supported, including streaming video, audio, 3-D objects, graphics, and Flash animations
Further, Breeze 5 includes adaptive streaming of audio and video, and it includes integrated support for Talking Head Video, enabling authors to import prerecorded Flash Video files into Breeze on-demand presentations.