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In this paper the antijamming performances of chaos based CDMA system with MRC technique are evaluated in flat fading channel. Performance improvement in the system using MRC technique is shown analytically.
The proposed demodulator for the code-time diversity system with multipath fading channel is more complex than the demodulator shown in Figure 3 for flat fading channel. The demodulator consists of three parts too, but the first part of this demodulator is a bank of NL-fingers RAKE filters instead of N correlators.
Park, "SISO polarized flat fading channel modeling for dual-polarized antenna systems," in Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on Information Networking (ICOIN '12), pp.
Finally, the performance evaluation of the proposed receiver versus the sub-optimum model under the effect of Rayleigh flat fading channel and a unity power AWGN is provided in Fig.
In this paper, we propose the pilot-added transceiver for CDMA system in flat fading channel in which chaotic sequences are used for spreading the data symbols of various users.
In [16], it is assumed that each relay knows its own channels and the receiver knows all channel values (Under frequency flat fading channel, all channels are generated as Gaussian random variables with zero-mean and unit-variance).
In this paper classification of modulation techniques (FSK 2to64 PSK 2to64 PAM 2to64 and QAM 2to64) under the effect of AWGN channel Rayleigh Flat Fading channel and Rician Flat Fading channel is performed.
We consider non-line-of-sight (NLOS) Rayleigh flat fading channel. The entries of the channel matrix (H) are independent and identically distributed (i.i.d) complex Gaussian random variables.
Therefore, the system performance is usually evaluated under the flat fading channel with a line-of-sight (LOS) signal component.
The link between PU-Rx and CU-Tx is supposed to be a flat fading channel with instantaneous channel gain [g.sub.k,n], the channel between CU-Rx and CU-Tx is also a flat fading channel characterized by instantaneous channel gain [h.sub.k,n].
2 and 3 show the uncoded error distribution in the time-frequency-plane for transmission over a flat fading channel with CDD and without CDD, respectively.