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FOTWFlags of the World
FOTWFan of the Week
FOTWFail of the Week
FOTWFAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) on the Web
FOTWFly on the Wall
FOTWFellowship of the Woodlands
FOTWFish of the Week
FOTWFederally Owned Treatment Works (wastewater)
FOTWFreak of the Week (Smallville TV show)
FOTWFlame of the Week
FOTWFlavor of the Week
FOTWFly on the Windscreen (Depeche Mode song)
FOTWFerraris of the Week
FOTWFollower of the Way (blog)
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The current flavor of the week is the 6.5 Creedmoor which is not as hot as the 6.5 that I had used.
Simply put, it's the flavor of the week, and after experiencing the bloodiest, gloomiest and over-all most feel-bad summer film season in years, it's such a relief to finally watch a film that does know how to entertain.
Call me a dinosaur because I'd rather read and reread Proust and Dickinson and Whitman instead of the flavor of the week on the New York Times bestseller list.
Now, Petey's not flavor of the week. But you know what I'm saying.
Whether it's about outed relationships, straight girls allegedly dating straight girls or dietary preferences, this month's Lesbofile is all about the flavor of the week.
But though it may be the flavor of the week, Earth Island Institute's Associate Director Kevin Connelly has an advantage over all his guerrilla-marketing colleagues at other organizations: he's got years of experience in gorilla marketing.