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FCNCFlavour Changing Neutral Currents (particle physics)
FCNCFédération Canadienne Nationale de la Chèvre (Canaian National Goat Federation)
FCNCFootball Club Neuilly/Cambronne (French football club)
FCNCFoothills Conservancy of North Carolina (Morganton, NC)
FCNCFlight Control & Navigational Computer
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Caption: FIGURE 1: Leading order diagrams for single top quark production via flavour changing neutral currents and its subsequent decay.
It is known that the flavour changing neutral current (FCNC) transitions are absent at tree level and highly suppressed at loop level due to the Glashow-Iliopoulos-Maiani (GIM) mechanism [1].
Caption: FIGURE 9: Estimated statistical significance (SS) reach of flavour changing neutral current tu[gamma] coupling ([[lambda].sub.u]) depending on the integrated luminosity ranging from 1 [fb.sup.-1] to 1 [ab.sup.-1] at the LHeC.
As an advanced study of the Standard Model of particle physics, Tenchini and Verzegnassi's textbook explains most of the properties of current reactions, including Flavour Changing Neutral Currents (FCNC) and Neutral Weak Currents.
The search for the top quark anomalous interactions via flavour changing neutral currents (FCNC) is of special interest.