FLEMFundação Luis Eduardo Magalhães (Portuguese: Luis Eduardo Magalhães Foundation; Brazil)
FLEMFixed Loop Electromagnetic (survey)
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"O Flem, yeh jest oughta heard!" cried one, eagerly.
If Flem's baseness and lack of education restrict him to merely reflecting and embracing established social processes in Jefferson, the educated and privileged Gavin does not ennoble and transform those same processes into something representative of the ideals taught at Harvard and Heidelberg.
Flem, a graduate of the plastics program at the Univ.
In two chapters in a section called "Writers in Yoknapatawpha," Robinson makes an interesting distinction between Faulkner's two most powerful "designers," Sutpen and Snopes, that adds a new dimension to the usual treatment of their attempts to penetrate the society in place: "Sutpen arrives with a conception of a Southern dynasty and proceeds to try to establish it alongside those already existing; Flem takes the machinery of Yoknapatawpha itself and tunes it anew" (75).
The FLEM survey has recorded several anomalous responses which are being reviewed and interpreted by Newexco in conjunction with previous EM data for this area.
In the last twenty years, there has been an increase in scientific studies where researchers are using various Bakhtinian concepts in their methodological frameworks as well as instruments for analyses of the data (Dysthe, 2001; Hundeide, 2001; Elbaz-Luwisch, Moen, & Gudmundsdottir, 2002; Moen, Gudmundsdottir, & Flem, 2003; [empty set]ksnes, 2008a; Gradovski & L[empty set]kken, 2015).
The final chapters of The Mansion bring to a close not only Gavin and Linda's romance--she finally leaves Jefferson--but also another, more sinister part of their relationship, namely their conspiracy to kill Linda's father Flem by using her cousin Mink.
The first man Flem would tell his business to would be the man that was left after the last man died.
The next day we went for a hiking, taking the chairlift to Foppa and hiking down the beautiful Trutg dil Flem, with its unique bridges from which you can enjoy fantastic views of the fascinating rock formations of the Flem River gorge.
Both him and Flem have been great for us this year having come into the first team on a more consistent basis.
BANGOR: 1.40 Fixe Le Kap, 2.10 Kk Lexion, 2.45 Clemency, 3.20 Kilcullen Flem, 3.55 Hollies Pearl, 4.25 Ballycash.
As a sharecropper, the future banker Flem Snopes tells Will Varner, in The Hamlet, "Aint no benefit in farming.