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FEVFévrier (French: February)
FEVForced Expiratory Volume (lung capacity test)
FEVFederación Española del Vino (Spanish: Spanish Wine Federation)
FEVFar End Voice
FEVFuture Electric Vehicle
FEVFédération des Étudiants de Valenciennes (French: Students Federation of Valenciennes; Valenciennes, France)
FEVFinca Esperanza Verde (tourism project; Nicaragua)
FEVFédération Évangélique Vaudoise (Swiss Evangelican federation)
FEVFull Electric Vehicle (cars)
FEVForced Evolutionary Virus (game)
FEVFlesh-Eating Virus
FEVFrench Enamel Varnish
FEVFibrosing Mediastinitis, Effusion, Vasculitis
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FLESH-EATING virus Necrotising Fascitis is such perfect subject matter for a horror movie it's surprising that debutant writer-director Eli Roth is the first to do it.
10) I pledge to visit the doctor to examine the patch of dry skin on the back of my hand, rather than automatically assuming (after a quick internet search) that I've got a flesh-eating virus.
I've put the car in the garage/got no petrol/contracted a flesh-eating virus.
A relaxing break at an isolated cabin sounds like heaven to a group of students, but their vacation quickly spirals into a living nightmare when a flesh-eating virus strikes.
That cheery, Deliverance-style journey into backwoods America, where stranded teens battled a flesh-eating virus, grossed $100m on a $1.
Just as Cabin Fever was inspired by personal experience of a nasty skin disease and an article about a flesh-eating virus, so too was Hostel apparently grounded in real life.
Writer-director Eli Roth's previous entry in the horror genre, "Cabin Fever," was about young sex-crazed vacationers attacked by a flesh-eating virus.
Instead, death lurks in the water supply, which is contaminated with a lethal flesh-eating virus - and it's hungrier for young meat than Demi Moore.
Based on real life tales of the flesh-eating virus Necrotising Fasciitis, which devours more than 1500 victims per year in America alone, Cabin Fever is a gory thrill ride which recalls The Evil Dead and other seminal pictures of the 70s and 80s.
Scully - Gillian Anderson, right - and Mulder are out to infiltrate a terrorist group which has a deadly weapon in its arsenal - a flesh-eating virus.