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FDOFront Desk Officer (various companies)
FDOFlight Deck Officer
FDOFeedback Directed Optimization
FDOFeature Data Object
FDOFoundation Directory Online (Foundation Center)
FDOFire Direction Officer
FDOFreshman Dean's Office (Harvard University)
FDOFunctional Device Object
FDOFlight Dynamics Officer
FDOFrance Danse Organisation (France)
FDOFitness Dependent Optimizer (algorithm)
FDOFlexible Deterrent Options
FDOForeningen Danske Olieberedskabslagre
FDOForecast Duty Officer (US Navy)
FDOFuture Dark Overlord (Scott Sigler)
FDOFlight Duty Officer
FDOFront Door Organics (Canada)
FDOFor Declaration Only
FDOFee Determining/ation Official
FDOForeign Disclosure Office/Officer
FDOFor Deposit Only
FDOForce Deterrent Option
FDOFocused Development Opportunities
FDOFault Distribution Officer
FDOFemoral Derotational Osteotomy
FDOFailed During Operation
FDOFactory Direct Ordering (Advance Auto Parts)
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Federal flight deck officers are sworn and deputized federal law enforcement officers commissioned by the Department of Homeland Security/TSA Law Enforcement Division.
The US Airways pilot was a Federal Flight Deck Officer and authorized by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to carry a firearm.
TSA's Federal Flight Deck Officer program, which began last April, trains volunteer pilots to use firearms, if necessary, to defend their aircrafts' cockpits from hijackers.
"The training centre will carry out modules for aircraft transition training for pilots and air tactical officers, helicopter guard course, flight deck officer course as well as other courses and training," Aziz said.
US Transportation Security Administration acknowledged that a US Airways pilot and member of the Federal Flight Deck Officer program "accidentally" discharged his handgun on a Saturday flight between Denver and Charlotte.
Up to 4,500 pilots have received training through the Federal Flight Deck Officer program, but that is a small percentage of the 95,000 commercial airline pilots in the U.S.
It turned into the warm breeze blowing sand off the Sahara just after midnight on Friday, and I watched as the sleek helicopters were dispatched in near total darkness by flight deck officers waving luminous green wands.
Neither JetBlue nor law enforcement sources would say whether the pilot was licensed to carry the gun under the Federal Flight Deck Officers program.
Inside the office, the phones, announcing circuits and light switch dimmers function as they would on deck to allow HCOs to communicate with the helicopter pilots, the flight deck officers and the ship's bridge.
They were followed in the fatal accident rate league by merchant shipping seamen, aircraft flight deck officers, railway lengthmen, scaffolders, roofers and glaziers, forestry workers, quarry and mine workers, and dockers.
Merchant seamen and flight deck officers are next in line.
According to the APSA, Quinn was criticised for alienating air marshals and Federal Flight Deck Officers (FFDO) by compromising the marshals' cover with a formal dress code and for lobbying against a bipartisan security bill designed to improve the FFDO programme.