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FRZFrozen File
FRZFireRockerzStudios (gaming)
FRZFreezing (weather reports)
FRZFlight Restricted Zone
FRZFragezeichen (German: question mark)
FRZFruitin' Religious Zealot
FRZFuel Reduction Zone
FRZFisheries Reserve Zone
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(In an unrelated announcement, Blakey also said she will step down from her post as of September 13, her fifth anniversary on the job.) The associated Flight Restricted Zone (FRZ), or "freeze," also will change, although its redesign will be much less substantive.
The controller should advise you if you are getting too close to the inner Flight Restricted Zone, where even more special rules apply, but don't let it come to that.
In the case of the Pennsylvania pilot whose infamous May 2005 transgressions of the Washington ADIZ and Flight Restricted Zone ended with an embarrassing nationally broadcast apprehension in AOPA's own backyard in Frederick, Md., the FAA revoked his license completely.
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