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FZFlydubai (airline; Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
FZFrank Zappa
FZForza (badminton brand)
FZFree Zone
FZFreezing (Terminal Area Forecast)
FZForschungszentrum (German)
FZForzando (musical notation)
FZFloat Zone (Silicon)
FZFortezza (card)
FZFloating Zone
FZFranc Zone
FZFriend Zone
FZFinal Zone (Sonic 1 level)
FZF-Zero (game)
FZFold Zandura (band)
FZFortified Zone
FZFlow Zone
FZFear Zero (band)
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The popular golfing resort - which is also the base of the Welsh rugby team - has 19 treatment rooms, and three relaxation zones - the chill zone (full of leather sofas and glossy magazines), the float zone (think water beds and gently trickling water features) and the slumber zone (complete with shimmering lanterns and sumptuous quilts).
Topsil supplies ultrapure float zone and Czochralski silicon substrates for the global semiconductor industry.
1m and exceeded the company's expectations, primarily as a customer transferred orders for float zone (FZ) products to the third from the fourth quarter.
It is a monocrystalline silicon grown by the Float Zone process with a bulk resistivity from 8000 [ohm]-cm to 30,000 [ohm]-cm.
In May, 1996, the US Space Shuttle Endeavour on mission STS-77 carried Canadian mission specialist Marc Garneau into orbit with a major payload called the Commercial Float Zone Furnace, CFZF.
The so-called granular float zone process constitutes a further development of the conventional float zone process and opens interesting technological perspectives in the special performance wafers market.
In 2009, the company saw that the strong growth in the float zone (FZ) silicon market continued and it concluded long-term contracts with its major customers, thus ensuring a substantial part of its development for the coming years.
The agreement will secure Topsil Semiconductor Materials further supplies of polysilicon in the period 2010 to 2017, enabling the company to ramp up the Float Zone (FZ) production at its facility in Frederikssund, Denmark.
The growth is mainly ascribed to increased sales to major existing customers in the float zone market," the company said.