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FPSOFloating Production, Storage and Offtake (shipping)
FPSOFloating Production Storage and Off-loading (shipping & oil industry)
FPSOFoster Parent Society of Ontario
FPSOFlight Project Support Office (US NASA)
FPSOFleet Publication Supply Office
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Many of these incorporate large off-loading hose reel and tandem mooring systems used to export crude oil and LNG condensate from floating production storage and off-loading (FPSO) platforms to oil tankers.
The new P-63 Floating Production Storage and Off-loading (FPSO) vessel featuring Wartsila 50DF dual-fuel engines, the first such ship to utilize gas engines to produce more than 100 MWe of power, has successfully completed all required full load tests.
The module will be installed on a Floating Production Storage and Off-loading vessel (FPSO) to produce steam and heat for the processing of crude oil.