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FRTFremont (Amtrak bus station code; Fremont, CA)
FRTFries Research & Technology GmbH (Germany)
FRTFederal Realty Investment Trust
FRTFacial Recognition Test (neurology)
FRTFace Recognition Techniques
FRTFondation René Touraine (Frrench dermatology foundation)
FRTFirst Registration Tax (Hong Kong)
FRTFacility Response Team (US Navy)
FRTFox Pro Report
FRTFrequency Response Test
FRTFast Response Time
FRTFord Racing Technology
FRTFacial Recognition Technology
FRTFire Retardant Treated (wood construction)
FRTFor Real Tho
FRTFaculty Release Time (various schools)
FRTFlight Readiness Test (US NASA)
FRTForest Resource Trust (Oregon)
FRTFault Ride-Through (wind turbine energy)
FRTFemale Reproductive Tract
FRTFixed Radius Transition (aviation)
FRTFluides Réactifs et Turbulence (French: Reagents and Fluid Turbulence)
FRTFast Repetitive Tick (biology)
FRTFonds de la Recherche Technologique (French: technological research funds)
FRTFirst Response Team
FRTFloating Raft Technology (hydroponics)
FRTFirearms Reference Table
FRTFloating Roof Tank (oil storage)
FRTFrance Réseaux Télécommunications (French: French Telecommunications Networks)
FRTForward Repair Team
FRTFamily Reunion Travel
FRTFly River Turtle (turtle species)
FRTFlame Retardant Treated (wood processing)
FRTFix Response Time (TL 9000)
FRTFast Response Team
FRTFreight Tons (shipping)
FRTFloating Rototiller
FRTFederally Related Transaction (real estate appraisals)
FRTFungal Research Trust (UK)
FRTFast Rule Theorem
FRTFree Return Trajectory
FRTFlow Recording Transmitter
FRTFlippase Recognition Target
FRTFinland Racing Team (auto racing)
FRTFixed Radio Transmitter
FRTFraction of Residential Power Supplied by Traditional Sources (Carolina Environmental Program)
FRTFull Routing Table
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In a strike that terminates on or near a floating roof tank (FRT), for example, the current will flow in all directions and will vary in proportion to the lowest path of impedance.
Willbros Downstream will construct two internal floating roof tanks and an additional external floating roof tank.
A floating roof tank is most at risk from lightning when the roof is high since when the tank is full or near full, lightning current flows are concentrated in the shunts directly below the strike location.
Tenders are invited for Construction Of 2X20000kl Hsd Tank And 2X17500kl Ms Floating Roof Tank At Devangonthi Installation, Bangalore
RIM seal fire protection system Tender no: 3570/2011 Description: The scope of work includes supply of RIM seal fire protection system for floating roof tank.
Floating Roof Tank (FRT) shunts are far from the safe conductors of stray electrical energy they're intended to be and can, in fact, trigger tank fires.
Limited Tenders are invited for Replacement Of Deck Plate Of Floating Roof Tank Dia 17.
Tenders are invited for inspection and supervision of damage floating roof tank at muzaffarpur
Tenders are invited for "Rate Contract For Carrying Out Floating Roof Tank Repairs At Shore Tank Farm-Puthuvypeen" Of Bpcl
Tenders are invited for Dismantling Supply And Installation Of Primary And Secondary Seals For Floating Roof Tanks Of Om And S Area During Tank M And I At Barauni Refinery.
The internal floating roof tanks with support columns were constructed as per API 650 standard.
Floating roof tanks seals, and internal floating covers & geodesic domes.