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YDYoung Democrats
YDYounger Dryas (prehistoric climate period)
YDYear Date (date on a stamp; philately)
YDFloating Crane (Non Self-Propelled)
YDYankee Division (WWI; infantry division from New England)
YDYaw Damper
YDDistrict Derrick, Floating (US Navy)
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A floating crane slowly raised the submerged helicopter to the surface Monday and towed it off to be examined, as Democratic New York Sen.
Divided into three sections the U354 was slowly being moved to Woodside by the enormous floating crane, Mammoth.
Complete renovation and examination of the floating crane.
Nessie uses its buoyancy to lift the topsides and jackets, effectively eliminating the floating crane and increasing safety.
The first monopile foundation was installed by Van Oord's heavy-lift vessel Svanen - a large floating crane standing more than 300 feet tall and able to lift 8,000 tonnes.
A floating crane was then mobilised to assist with the lift, initially loaded to 50 tons.
600-ton floating crane was dispatched to the area from the Kocaeli district of GE[micro]lcE-k.
It is expected that after the first Navy contracted floating crane from Singapore arrives that the dismantling operation will take more than one month.
A floating crane was towed into place above the Dornier Do 17 shot down in the Battle of Britain.
Salvage experts yesterday put a floating crane in place above the wreckage.
75 metres, the two Terex cranes were used, as well as a floating crane acting as a tail.
In a December 9, 2009 picture, where a worker and his team rig the floating crane at a height of 65 metres, with the background of the old Maqta bridge, the technological advancement of the crane is not a subject.