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YDYoung Democrats
YDYounger Dryas (prehistoric climate period)
YDYear Date (date on a stamp; philately)
YDFloating Crane (Non Self-Propelled)
YDYankee Division (WWI; infantry division from New England)
YDYaw Damper
YDDistrict Derrick, Floating (US Navy)
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We are capable of manufacturing all kinds of cranes such as tyre crane, portal bridge crane, gantry crane, floating crane which are widely adopted in the fields of harbor operation and railway construction, and all kinds of electric motors mainly as metallurgy and lifting motor, explosion-proof motor, and special motor.
A huge floating crane placed the Hableany (Mermaid) on a barge at Margit Bridge, the site of the tragedy in the Hungarian capital, Budapest.
TRAGEDY: A floating crane placed the Hableany (Mermaid) on a barge at Margit Bridge in Budapest
Divers had pulled straps under the sunken wreck to allow a huge floating crane to start lifting it.
A huge floating crane, barges and rescue personnel were seen working early in the morning at Budapest's Margit Bridge, where the Hableany (Mermaid) sightseeing boat sank on May 29 after colliding with a much larger river cruise ship, the Associated Press reported.
A huge floating crane is in place at Margit Bridge as
A huge floating crane, which was placed near Margit Bridge, where the boat sank, will raise the boat and the work could take four hours, Song said.
A huge floating crane to be used to raise the Hableany from the Danube floor, the Adam Clark, has been waiting since Wednesday afternoon in north Budapest.
The wreckage of the bus was pulled out of the water by a floating crane Wednesday.
The engine was swung aboard the Cunard freighter, Saxonia, at Brocklebank Dock by the floating crane, Mammoth.
Besides it will have a floating crane with lifting capacity of 3,000 tonnes; a winching system to optimise use of space in the yard; and redesigned keel blocks that are also expected to boost capacity, it stated.
The KPT has deployed another floating crane, Teeltal, to supplement the efforts of 'Hati' crane for retrieving the sunken containers for early clearance of the entire port from any hazardous elements.