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FADHForces Armées d'Haïti (French: Haitian Armed Forces)
FADHflavin adenine dinucleotide
FADHFonds Arabe pour les Droits Humains (French: Arab Fund for Human Rights)
FADHFlogging a Dead Horse
FADHAdherence Factor for Soil
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THE phrase 'flogging a dead horse' doesn't even begin to describe the endless stream of cash-ins released in the Sims name.
'I think the public do get very cross when the see the BBC flogging a dead horse.
Curiously enough, being 'doggy' is a bad thing, while being 'dogged' is good, just as selling a dead horse is an achievement, while flogging a dead horse is pointless.
Now again, to early modernists this is hardly an earth-shattering position: numerous monographs and articles over the past twenty years have provided so many counter-proofs to the Aries model that Ozment might appear to be piling on or even flogging a dead horse. Ozment himself acknowledges that the excessively negative view of the premodern family is in retreat among scholars, but rightly notes its continuing influence among non-academics.
D: Yeah, we played there so much it became like flogging a dead horse. The joke stuck.
Talk about flogging a dead horse - no, not a new idea for a studio-based show - please, just give.
They need to make a real statement of intent if they are going to be competitive, otherwise they are just flogging a dead horse.
Agencies know they are flogging a dead horse to rid our estates of these scum as they have so many resources at their disposal having build them up for decades.
Which makes sense, given they were flogging a dead horse.