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FHZFakahina (airport code; French Polynesia)
FHZFree Hacking Zone
FHZFlood Hazard Zone (building codes; various locations)
FHZFunk-Haus-Zentrale (German: Funk-House Central)
FHZFenske-Hall ZMatrix
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The ruling that mortgagees must require evidence of flood insurance from borrowers when the property is located in a special flood hazard zone has resulted in those who are not in those zones feeling that they don't need flood insurance.
Much of this damage occurred to property nol located in FEMA's special flood hazard zones.
to help companies determine whether or not a subject property is within a FEMA Special Flood Hazard Zone.
These maps are used to illustrate whether real property and structures may lay within a FEMA-designated flood hazard zone or are adjacent to one.
This article discussed how, in San Mateo, California, more than 6,000 homes were retrospectively designated as being in a flood hazard zone by FEMA.
The price that consumers are willing to pay is extracted by examining the prices of like homes in and out of the flood hazard zone.
Hundreds of small river towns and coastal communities with significant numbers of homes and businesses in flood hazard zones are at risk.
From its inception, the NFIP has been managed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and guided by three mandates: provide residential and commercial insurance coverage for flood damage, improve floodplain management, and develop maps of flood hazard zones.
The area along the Long Tom and other streams on the valley floor are designated as flood hazard zones, where high water is a regular threat.
Furthermore, flood insurance rate maps are used by insurance agents to calculate flood insurance rates for specific properties based on their location and elevation in relation to estimated 100-year flood hazard zones.