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FQAIFloristic Quality Assessment Index (vascular plants)
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Testing the floristic quality assessment index as an indicator of riparian wetland quality.
Testing the floristic quality assessment index in natural and created wetlands in Mississippi, USA.
The floristic quality assessment index (FQAI) is an evaluation procedure that uses measures of ecological conservatism, expressed numerically as a coefficient of conservatism or C value, and richness of the native plant community to derive a score (I) that is an estimate of habitat quality.
They are used to compute the Floristic Quality Assessment Index (FQAI), a community-level appraisal of natural quality, wherein FQAI = [square root of (N)], in which C is the average conservatism of the plant community and N is the number of native species present.
The site exhibited five vegetation subtypes which we compared using several measures including Floristic Quality Assessment Index and Shannon Diversity Index.
High values of Shannon's Diversity Indexes and Floristic Quality Assessment Indexes indicate a superior quality, species-rich habitat with several high-fidelity species.