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"The old woman's been playing the respectable all day, turning up the whites of her eyes at me because I did a high kick in the hall, and groaning at Flossie because she had a few brandies; ain't that so, Flossie?"
"Different to the 'pop' they give us down at the 'Star,' eh, Flossie? Good old gooseberry I call that!"
"Flossie Brisk says Cyrus is ruining all the trees on his father's place cutting your name on them," said Sara Ray.
It happened that they had made the acquaintance of two young ladies in employment in Clapham, Miss Flossie Bright and Miss Edna Bunthorne, and it was resolved therefore to make a cheerful little cyclist party of four into the heart of Kent, and to picnic and spend an indolent afternoon and evening among the trees and bracken between Ashford and Maidstone.
Flossie, arriving on the outskirts of the crowd, cried, "Oh, my God!" and burst loudly into tears.
Flossie and Grubb were preparing to follow her desertion.
"I WISH that 'adn't 'appened," said Flossie, riding on with Grubb....
They assembled at the Two Henrys in Shrewsbury before heading to Glyn and Flossie's home in Market Drayton.
While the category-three hurricane is not expected to make landfall, Hurricane Flossie may take a more direct track towards the islands, as per CNN.
Since forming in the wake of Erick, Flossie has also gained strength by passing through the same area of the Pacific Erick has.
Flossie, a seasoned Home Buyer Seminar Specialist has over 25 years of experience representing mortgage corporations, banks and other lending institutions and can give you expert advice before you put in an offer.
And after one of the Akitas attacked Flossie, the tiny dog, bloodied and badly hurt, ended up dying in an adult's arms.