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The contours represent constant efficiency of power dissipation marked as percent and the shaded areas indicate the regions of flow instability.
The contribution of thermoplastic composites in the general amount of extrusion products made it necessary to gain a better understanding of the influence of filler type and amount incorporated into the polymeric matrix on rheological behavior and the melt flow instability sequence.
The former was the flow instability usually referred to as the cascade defect, which arose from the oscillatory back-and-forth motion of the free surface in the coating nip region 20 On the other hand, the latter stemmed from the imbalance between the surface tension forces and the adverse pressure gradient in the streamwise direction, and is referred to as ribbing instability.
All of these studies have interpreted this phenomenon based on the flow instability without considering the effect(s) of the external factors.
Rossiter [5] derived a semi-empirical equation that predicts the dominant frequency of the cavity flow instability, f, where U is the freestream flow velocity, L is the length of the cavity, M is the Mach number, [c.
Therefore, the stick-slip effect will be simultaneously generated at two interfaces due to different slip velocities, which will easily result in the flow instability of melt in the circular tube, especially for larger flow rate of melt.
In flat, horizontal cavities heated from below, flow instability due to the Rayleigh-Benard convection may occur at a lower Ra.
Boyd, "Shear Flow Instability at the Interface Between Two Viscous Fluids," J.
Topics covered include historical analysis, cycle design, thermal and hydraulic design of heating surfaces, pollutant control, and flow instability, from which are deduced strategies for further development.
Compared with typical spiral dies, Optiflow LP reportedly has a more streamlined concentric mandrel design to keep layer-to-layer interfaces short, a key element in reducing interfacial flow instability.
The main objective of this article is to probe the interdiffusion as well as the growth and structural evolution of the interphase triggered in the approx real experimental conditions of processing before disclosing its role on weakening the interfacial flow instability of coextrusion.