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FOFFellowship of Faith
FOFFuture of Farming (various locations)
FOFFamilies of the Fallen (war dead)
FOFFactories of the Future (EU)
FOFFrontiers of Freedom (est. 1994)
FOFFeelings of Familiarity
FOFForum Francophone (French sales forum)
FOFFriend of Fire
FOFFriend of the Foundation (various locations)
FOFFocus on the Family (religious organization)
FOFFund of Funds (umbrella fund)
FOFFrets On Fire (game)
FOFFeast of Fools
FOFFact or Fiction
FOFFriend or Foe
FOFFront Office Football (computer game)
FOFFédération des Orthophonistes de France (French: Speech Federation of France)
FOFFriend or Foe (game show)
FOFFinding of Fact
FOFFear of Flying
FOFFlow of Funds
FOFFlirer og Flirer (Norwegian: Giggles and Grins)
FOFFor Old Farts
FOFForum of Firms (accounting)
FOFField Operating Facility (US FEMA)
FOFFistful of Frags (Half-Life 2 mod)
FOFFight or Flight
FOFFear of Falling (behavioral science)
FOFFlights of Fantasy
FOFFeet Of Flames (show)
FOFFear Of Failure
FOFFuture of Forestry (band)
FOFFilet-O-Fish (McDonalds sandwich)
FOFFists of Fury
FOFFriend of Friend
FOFField Of Fire
FOFFolkeligt Oplysningsforbund (Danish: National Information Union)
FOFFriend on Facebook
FOFFestival of Fools
FOFFix On Failure
FOFFollow On Forces
FOFFaith on Fire (Camporee)
FOFFrown on Face
FOFField Of Flowers
FOFFact of Filing
FOFFriends of Foamy (cartoon)
FOFFuel Oil Flow
FOFFile of Files (term used with CVS source control difference comparison)
FOFFound on Floor
FOFFuture Officers Fellowship (Salvation Army)
FOFFast Old Farts (female and male racers over the age of 40)
FOFFocus on Fundamentals
FOFFull of Fail (gaming)
FOFFirst of Fall (first migranting birds to arrive in autumn)
FOFFull on Filters
FOFForme d'Onde Formantique
FOFFretz on Fire
FOFFund Our Future (National Apartment Association Political Action Committee)
FOFFriend of Family
FOFFinger of Fudge
FOFFriends of Fox
FOFFace of Flange (piping design)
FOFFriends of Fantasy
FOFFixed Operating Frequency
FOFFinance Office of the Future
FOFFunction d'Onde Formantique (vocal synthesis technique)
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New Delhi [India], November 7 ( ANI ): Union Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Tuesday said the flow of funds to the terrorists was choked due to demonetisation.
The Reserve Bank of India compiles Flow of Funds (FoF) accounts, which map instrument-wise financial flows between different sectors of the Indian economy on a whom-to-whom basis.
The extraordinary shift in corporate behavior in Japan is shown in the chart, put together from the flow of funds data indicating which sectors of the economy have been saving money (financial surplus), and which sectors have been borrowing and investing money (financial deficit).
Besides flow of funds statistics, what other nuggets of economic data do you find particularly useful in your analysis?
The paper provides a presentation of the flow of funds accounts already compiled by the State Bank of Pakistan for FY 76, 81 and 85.
Accordingly, this report demonstrates the flow of funds into and out of a Ponzi artist's account.
Flow of funds research has been under way at the Federal Reserve Board for more than forty years.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 19 (ANI): The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Saturday said that separatist Mirwaiz Umar Farooq is getting antsy because of the crackdown on the flow of funds.
It is a very cost effective way to raise liquidity and it allows us to offer better rates on deposits, a feature that has helped us build a large domestic and international depositor base that doesn't depend on physical branches but that does ensure that we have a steady flow of funds," he added.
A new edition of Guide to the Flow of Funds Accounts is now available from the Board of Governors.