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FTFallots Tetralogy (medical)
References in classic literature ?
A moment later she was reading Tom's piece of bark through flowing tears and saying: "I could forgive the boy, now, if he'd committed a million sins!"
The poem goes on to tell how Umbriel, a dusky melancholy sprite, in order to make the quarrel worse, flew off to the witch Spleen, and returned with a bag full of "sighs, sobs, and passions, and the war of tongues," "soft sorrows, melting griefs, and flowing tears," and emptied it over Belinda's head.
All I am, is a defenceless small cat, But I like to enquire, about this, about that I was left in a shed, but it wasn't for long I was taken to Maureen's, and I grew big and strong I grew up quite fast, it was ever so quick Maureen got me new parents, both incredibly thick They leave uneaten prawns, which could easily go off If I didn't do something, my sister might scoff There'd be weeping and wailing, because she was ill Then more flowing tears, when they saw the vet's bill So I offer to eat them, to help and and assist They say, "Shut up Elsie, shut up and desist."
The husband of late Kiambu Woman Mary Wambui wiped his flowing tears at the court as hearing of the murder case commenced on Wednesday.
All of recollection's rules, I will tell you, So listen, remember, and choose success: Repentance, humility, ecstasy, friendship, and fear, Truth, presence, purity, fidelity, and flowing tears. Her greatest personal contribution to the treatise is in the "Epilogue on Love", about which she says: "At the conclusion of this book, God the Exalted inspired us with mystical truths, in both poetry and prose, regarding this very special love.
The concert includes Dowland's famous Lachrimae with its haunting, falling notes of the refrain which imitates flowing tears.
But one look at his Mom's face, as she scrubbed the flowing tears from her severely bloodshot eyes, told him that his Dad was dead.
But today, nothing could ease this searing pain of separation, nothing could stop the flowing tears, as I lay there sobbing and holding onto her, until it was time to leave.
Free flowing tears from the fortunate ones who managed to escape.
Psalm 137 is shown to be especially rich in poetic possibilities, with its imagery of exile (not only geographically but culturally and politically--Royalists identified with it during the Interregnum), flowing tears, and silenced harps.
Unfortunately, as promising as it starts out, pic self-destructs midway through and, instead of continuing its story, ends in an hour of flowing tears. It has become a local hit, and may appeal to markets for Indian product.