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5 MMscfd with 1850 psi flowing wellhead pressure with 9 fold increase in production.
The new project using sour gas injection technology to maximise production capacity to about 39m tonnes of oil per year, will increase production and the Wellhead Pressure Management Project will keep the existing Tengiz plants full by lowering the flowing wellhead pressure and boosting the pressure to its six processing trains.
The aim of this paper is to develop a new empirical Gilbert type correlation which is a function of flowing wellhead pressure gas-liquid ratio and wellhead choke size.
According to the latest information sent to Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE), the new zones of Chorgali and Sakesar carbonates of Eocene age were tested and the well produced around 100 barrels of condensate per day and 4 million standard cubic feet of gas per day at choke size of 24/64 inches at flowing wellhead pressure of 1550 psi.
0 MMCFD gas and 25 barrels of oil per day at a flowing wellhead pressure of 475 pounds per square inch.
He said that once the damaged well head equipment was removed, a flow tube was positioned over the flowing wellhead which made the flow of flames vertical.
That would give you a flowing wellhead pressure of 40-45 psi at one mile and 55-75 psi at five miles from the station.
44 million standard cubic feet per day or 393 barrels of oil equivalent per day of gas on a two inch choke at 250 psi flowing wellhead pressure.
As the flowing wellhead temperature is close to the wax appearance temperature, high levels of insulation are required on the production pipelines to prevent wax formation which would restrict flow.