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The heating center consists of one (1) boiler with a nominal capacity of 18 megawatts (1x18 MW) equipped with a flue gas heat recovery washer.
1992) proposed an open absorption system for flue gas heat recovery using the liquid desiccant as the cycling medium.
Therefore, the efficiency of flue gas heat recovery can be increased by using preheating by 20 -50[degrees]C and humidification of the outdoor air delivered to the burners in the boiler 6.
The Department of Energy and Climate Change's UK National Energy Efficiency Action Plan also found that 1.6 million households could benefit from heating controls, 5 million could benefit from hot water cylinder thermostats and 7.6 million could save money with passive flue gas heat recovery systems.
A further 700 kW of energy was recovered from the boiler breeching using a flue gas heat recovery system.
The properties include a range of green features -including efficient condensing boilers, high levels of insulation and passive flue gas heat recovery systems which mean hot air generated by the boiler is used to pre-heat the water before it is heated by the boiler -which could lead to reduced bills.
The Building Research Establishment at Watford has defined such a device as a passive flue gas heat recovery device, and it can make the boiler system 97% efficient in actual domestic use over the year.
This supply consists of the flue gas heat recovery plant with the necessary auxiliary equipment for the na4 power plant.
The 15 lots consist of the following; 1) Total Retrofit, 2) External Wall Insulation, 3) Cavity Wall & Loft Insulation, 4) Internal Wall Insulation Measures/Air Tightness, 5) Cladding Thermal Performance Improvement, 6) Photo Voltaic Insulation, 7) Solar Hot Water Systems, 8) Heat Pumps, 9) Biomass, 10) Wind Turbines, 11) Energy Efficient Lighting (including Street Lighting) 12) Mechanical Heat & Ventilation Recovery Systems and Flue Gas Heat Recovery, 13) High Performance Windows & Doors, 14) High Performance Electrical Heating, 15) Combined Heat and Power Systems.