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Jones (Harvard graduate, fluent Spanish speaker, horseman) takes all the time in the world to fill the role of the laconic Sheriff Bell.
In the following few days, Teena - a fluent Spanish speaker who had studied in Argentina - helped the Paras communicate with their prisoners.
A fluent Spanish speaker, Andrews has worked closely with the Northeast Spa & Pool Association to create training videos and teach several classes in Spanish.
Cameron, a fluent Spanish speaker, got us into a club for my funniest ever night of clubbing.
Our only fluent Spanish speaker, marketing maven Steve Luther, had skipped ahead of us in line and was out past the machine-gun wielding guards by the time Joe and I were being corralled over to secondary screening.
He's travelled widely in Latin America, campaigning for human rights organisations there, and is a fluent Spanish speaker as well as having a degree from the Gregorian University of Rome.
A fluent Spanish speaker, she cleaned our table between courses and always made sure our glasses were full.
Asperger's can have benefits in terms of making you focus on one thing." A fluent Spanish speaker, Rachel finds it easier to converse in than English because she finds it relies less on implied tones of voice and phrases which is hard for people with Asperger's to decipher.
A fluent Spanish speaker and the husband of a Mexican-American woman, Bush could have more appeal to Texas' growing Hispanic population than any other Republican candidate.
Mr Bryant's new responsibilities include Latin America - he is a fluent Spanish speaker - and leading on European issues in the Commons.
David, a fluent Spanish speaker, has led expeditions with teenagers in the USA and Chile.
A fluent Spanish speaker, he played a key part in brokering deals for Jonas Gutierrez, Fabricio Coloccini, Ignacio Gonzalez and Xisco - while Keegan's influence in recruitment was limited to bringing Danny Guthrie in to shore up the club's midfield.