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FBPFolate Binding Protein
FBPFructose Bisphosphate
FBPFiltered Back-Projection (algorithm)
FBPFiltered Back Projection
FBPFédération Belge des Podologues (French: Belgian Federation of Podiatrists)
FBPFood by Prescription (healthcare)
FBPFinal Boiling Point
FBPFederal Bureau of Prisons
FBPFédération Belge des Psychologues (French: Belgian Federation of Psychologists; Belgium)
FBPFrance Business Partner
FBPFédération Belge des Photographes (French: Belgian Federation of Photographers)
FBPFriends of the Border Patrol
FBPFracture Breakdown Pressure (geomechanics)
FBPFee Basis Provider (US DoD)
FBPFlexible Benefit Plan (insurance)
FBPFringe Benefit Pool (various organizations)
FBPFinal Bulk Product
FBPFleet Boat Pool (US Navy)
FBPFull Blood Picture
FBPFluid Bed Processor (materials processing)
FBPForeign Buyer Program
FBPFlamenco Black Pearl (Honda paint color)
FBPForeign Bills Purchased (banks)
FBPFactory Based Price
FBPFluid Balance Panel (medical tests)
FBPFederal Business Practice(s)
FBPFires Behavior Prediction (forestry industry)
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New equipment includes: an Alexanderwerk Roller Compactor; an IMA Precisa capsule weight checker; a 400 kg O'Hara Tray Drying oven; a Korsch XL 400 Tablet Press with bilayer module; a Glatt GPCG 2/5 Fluid Bed Processor; an O'Hara Aqueous Film Coater with 18" and 30" interchangeable pans; and a 5L Becomix Counter sweep vessel.
Among the device included in the capitalization were an Alexanderwerk Roller Compactor, an IMA Precisa capsule weight checker, a 400 kg OHara Tray Drying oven, a Korsch XL 400 Tablet Press with bilayer module, a Glatt GPCG 2/5 Fluid Bed Processor, an OHara Aqueous Film Coater with 18 and 30 interchangeable pans, and a 5L Becomix Counter sweep vessel.
Besides the multifunctional fluid bed processor and the different blending lines for liquids and solids, SternMaid's range of equipment now includes a hammer mill for fine grinding of raw materials.
Exhibits will include Consigma, the first ever continuous high-shear granulator, as part of a full production line for solid dosage forms; the FlexStream multifunctional fluid bed processor that dries, granulates and coats in a single product bowl; the PERFORMA and MODUL tablet presses, for high throughput and containment and rapid product changeover, respectively; the modular PharmaConnect system for 'plug and play' development; and freeze drying with Automatic Loading and Unloading System (ALUS), designed as a stationary push/pull system for frame-less transport of vials and suitable for RABS integration.
System consolidates a circular fluid bed processor, heater, blower, cyclone separator if required, and complete instrument package mounted and assembled on a single skid.
A new double-deck, circular vibratory fluid bed processor from Kason Corporation significantly reduces capital cost, energy usage and floor space per pound of product being dried or cooled according to Lawrence Stone, c.e.o.
Another advantage of the circular fluid bed processor is its compact size, says CES: the unit fits on a caster-mounted skid with blower, hopper, and controls.
Fluid Air has introduced the new Model 0002 Fluid Bed Processor for R&D applications.
The self-contained system integrates an 18-inch diameter fluid bed processor with heater, blower, cyclone separator and controls, ready for connection to a material inlet/outlet and power source.
Besides a multifunctional fluid bed processor and eight different blending lines, the company's equipment now includes a hammer mill for grinding raw materials.
The pre-packaged system consists of a 48-inch diameter circular fluid bed processor, heater, blower and 48-inch diameter vibratory screener.
The new fluid bed processor enlarges the company's range to include gentle drying, granulation, agglomeration and coating.